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Number of Games Over Time

See the total (aggregate) number of games over time on popular platforms like Steam.



Set in an unforgiving, hand-drawn picture book style world, players will progress by solving puzzles using the magical thumbtack.

Weight Differences Page.png

Spaghettification and Mass Analysis

A Power BI dashboard showing you how Spaghettification works and how your mass differs on various planets.

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Who am I?

Hi there, my name is Brent Jones. I've worked as a BI analyst for various companies developing dashboards, forecasting tools and data processing tools since 2017.

In my spare time I love designing video games with Unity. I published my first game called "Haustoria" on Steam in March 2020.

My wife and I love traveling the globe and living a "digital nomad" life. Together we've been to 15 countries (my favorite being Japan).

MS Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate
Mastering DAX Certificate (SQLBI)

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