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A cosmic entity reveals itself to a young boy in an unforgiving picture-book world.

Set in an unforgiving, hand-drawn picture book style world, players will progress by solving puzzles using levers, buttons, and thumbtacks.




Muted Planet

Set on an atmospheric, strange and alien planet, roll your way across several short stages involving casual puzzles and simple timing problems.

This game was developed for Android mobile phones but can also be played in the browser (


Google Play

Project DSS

Project DSS is a 2D platformer-shooter I'm currently developing. It has a Dr. Seuss / Ghost In the Shell mix-mash art style with Ratchet & Clank inspired game play.


The game will have themes of corporate structure, overwork, and general office satire.

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Failed Robot

Failed Robot is a 2D side scrolling adventure game. Game mechanics include short distance teleporting and solving puzzles with items.

You play as a robot set in a mysterious and expansive facility with dark secrets.

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