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Haustoria Cover Art


A cosmic entity reveals itself to a young boy in an unforgiving picture-book world.

Haustoria is a 2D puzzle-platformer featuring a unique "thumbtack" system where players pin and unpin game objects in the world to prevent them from moving. Set in an unforgiving, hand-drawn picture book style world, players will progress by solving puzzles using levers, buttons, and thumbtacks.

  • Inspired by games such as "Inside", "Little Nightmares" and manga comics like "Uzumaki" and anything Lovecraftian.

  •  Make your way through a strange forest, explore a cursed house, crawl though dark caves and avoid dangerous traps in an old dungeon (and more!)

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Project DSS

Project DSS is a 2D platformer-shooter project I'm currently developing. It has a Dr. Seuss art style with Ratchet & Clank inspired gameplay. The game will have themes of corporate structure, overwork, and general office satire.

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Failed Robot

Failed Robot is a 2D side scrolling adventure game. Game mechanics include short distance teleporting and solving puzzles with items.

You play as a robot set in a mysterious and expansive facility with dark secrets.


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