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Power BI: Visual of the Week - Bubble Chart

I wanted to plot out and see a visual representation of planets and their respective sizes compared to other planetary bodies. You can do this with the normal scatter plot, but it doesn't quite capture the massive size differences in a visual manner.

I decided to try out the custom visual called "Bubble Chart" by Akvelon. This chart doesn't scale kilometer for kilometer exactly, but it's far better than the scatter plot, and achieved more of what I was looking for. It also has a nice responsiveness when filtering criteria. You can create groups of bubbles, creating kind of an umbrella bubble for the sub categories. I've embedded a small report right here! I love the seeing the scale of Antares (the star) versus the other planets and stars.

I like how each bubble doesn't overlap like the standard scatter plot tends to do. There's no control over where the bubbles are placed, but they are presented in an interesting layout anyways. The order is sorted by size, which, I could not find any other way to sort it . For the background, I inserted a starry night wallpaper to stay with the space theme of the report. This bubble chart also supports some more customization for images and hyperlinks.

If your data set has a column for links, you can drop those fields in the Hyperlink section. The label names on the visuals will become hyperlinks that you can click on.

I encourage you to try this chart out for yourself as well!


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