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Ease Your Mind With a Free Power BI Reference Guide!

Updated: Feb 14, 2021


Do you feel lost sometimes in Power BI? Don't worry!

I compiled together some of the major areas of Power BI, Dax, and Power Query into an all inclusive quick reference guide. It's a three page PDF that you can print out to have on your desk, taped to your cubicle (or maybe refrigerator?), to reference if you get stuck on anything.

Reference Guide

It includes helpful tips and best practices with some examples for each point. I also included some of the most common hotkeys / shortcut keys that you may find useful. I particularly enjoy using Ctrl + / to comment or uncomment a line when writing with DAX or M as it makes me feel like an expert coder.

Follow this link to download it:

Let me know what your thought or if you have any suggestions for it. And please share with your co-workers and friends!



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