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Look Up! UFO's Show Up In Summer.

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Are there any correlations or trends among UFO sightings? Do they tend to occur in a specific month or time of year? Any location? Do they occur around airports? To answer these questions, I created a Power BI dashboard to help shed some light on the conundrum and visualize what's going on.

Here's a time lapse of the development!

(YouTube link:


Overall, it seems that "light" shaped objects were the most reported UFO, followed by "triangle" shaped objects.

Count by Shape

Well, that's considering the entire data set (from 1910 to 2014). If we filter the data to show '00 - '14, we see that "light" is again the most reported shape followed by "circle" this time.

Count by Shape Filtered

Interesting.... It seems the Alien's favorite vehicle is a light. But did the they begin purchasing circle shaped saucers at a certain point in time, as opposed to triangle shaped?

Plotting out the shape over time (just showing most reported shapes of light, circle, triangle, and fireball), we see that around 2010, circle shaped UFO's began exceeding triangle shaped UFO's.

Sightings by Year

Aside from shapes, UFO's seem to appear most during the summer months of June to August. Although, this may be due to the fact that people spend more time outside during the summer than winter, giving them more time to spot a UFO.

Sightings by Month

Finally, I had this image in my head that UFO sightings were typically seen in the west, countryside.... However, from the data, it appears that the majority occur around the New York area. Coincidently, that's also where the most amount of airports are located as well.

Sightings and Airport Locations

I hope this was a fun and interesting read for you!


Data Source:


Do you want to improve on your data visualization skills? I recommend checking out "Storytelling with Data" by Cole Knaflic.

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