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Power BI Design Challenge: Apple's "My Health" App

The Challenge

I wanted to make a Power BI dashboard from the step data that my iPhone records on its "My Health" app. I challenged myself to keep the look and feel of the design on the app while at the same time leveraging Power BI's dashboard features. Check out the time lapse video below!

I traveled with my wife to various countries during the past years, so I also wanted to include a world map visualizing where I walked the most per country, which I thought was a cool thing to see!

One interesting tip I picked up...

Is that you can disable the "Concatenate Labels" to make a column chart look more organized:


You can use Power BI bookmarks to create buttons to perform actions like showing specific views of your dashboard. I'm using them to change what data is being shown in addition to what visuals are being shown/hidden.

Bookmarks have several options:

If you want the bookmark to only affect the display (show or hide certain visuals), you can uncheck the "Data" options. You can show and hide specific visuals via the "Selection Pane" from the View tab.


I focused on the two main pages that Apple's "My Health" app has, and decided to combine them onto one Power BI page.

Over Time

Summary Data

Although it doesn't resemble Apple's design exactly, I think just by using the red apple color for most everything puts me pretty close. I don't know, what do you think?


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