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How to Remove the Header Info on Power BI Widgets

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

If you are like me, maybe you've wondered (and possibly been a little annoyed) how to remove the small pop-up menus that appear on each of the Power BI widgets.

Context Menu

They are nice to have for some modules, but for filters or other smaller items on your dashboard, they can be a visual hindrance. Here's how to remove them...

1. Select the visual

Select Visual

2. Select the format tab

Select Format Tab

3. Toggle the "Visual Header" off

Toggle Visual Header


The Alien Notes: While viewing the dashboard on the desktop application, the pop-up menu will still appear. Toggling the visual header will only toggle it off on the web service.


Doing this simple thing will drastically improve the user experience. At least I think so - there were so many times where the pop-up menu's got in the way of my other visuals.

In addition to visual aspects, disabling the visual header will "prevent" users from exporting the underlying data. I use "prevent" in quotes, because there are other ways a user can get to the data if they want. However, depending on your business situation, this may be enough.

If you are interested in the dashboard I was using for this post, you can read more about it here: Building a Recipe Dashboard

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