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Publishing a Game On Steam

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

*Note: This uses the GUI interface for uploading the game.

In this post I will describe the steps I took for uploading my game Haustoria to Steam.

1. Sign in or create an account with Steamworks. This will use your Steam account if you have one.

2. Pay the $100.

This will be reimbursed if you make at least $1000 in sales.

3. Enter the required information.

In my case, I am an single member LLC, so the part where it asked for either my SSN or EIN, I needed to enter my SSN. Steam will verify the information which took several hours, but less than a day. (I first tried my EIN but it was rejected after review by Steam.)

3. Create an "App".

This is your game. Steamworks will allow you to create multiple apps (games) - provided you pay the fee for each one.

4. Set the name and operating systems.

Change the name of your game (if needed) and set the operating systems you have builds for.

5. Publish your app.

This will not make your game "live". It will effectively save your game's page with the information you have entered so far.

  • Pressing the "View Diffs" button will show you what changes will be made public.

  • Press the "Prepare for Publishing" button to start the process.

  • Enter the phrase "STEAMWORKS" to really publish it.

6. Place your game files in the appropriate folder.


The "windows_content" is a folder I created. Here I placed all of my game files. For Unity, this is all of the build files (no zipping needed).

7. Unzip the "SteamPipeGUI" tool.

I tried following along with the tutorials using the cmd prompt, but got errors. Although it may feel "cool" and "hacker-like" to use the cmd prompt, I gave in and decided to use the GUI tool.

This made it much easier.

Open the tool up and enter in the appropriate information.


  • Be sure to enter your App ID and the Depot ID. The Depot ID is typically the App ID iterated by 1. (Mine is increased by 2 because I'm uploading to a different Depot.)

  • Click "Generate VDFs". This will create 2 files in the scripts folder. 1 for the app (for redundancy), and the other for the build.

  • Next, click "Upload". Be sure you have the log in credentials entered in. This process took several minutes for me.

This will get you started. The rest is just a matter of uploading pictures and adding descriptions.




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