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Unity Build Analysis (Updated Version)

For my latest project, I needed to get my game's build size under Google Play's 150MB size limit. My project's size at the time was over 300MB, so I was in for a challenge to reduce it by over half it's original size.

To help me do this, I developed a Power BI dashboard that visualizes the build editor log file generated from Unity after building a build. I've added this dashboard as a power bi template if you'd like to try it out.

Unity Game Build Analysis - Template
Download ZIP • 35KB

Unity Build Log Visualized with Power BI

Unity Build Log Details with Power BI

Unity Build Log Visualized Over Time with Power BI

How to use

While this dashboard doesn't automatically make the project smaller, it allowed me to easily see which assets were taking up the most amount of space.

For example, clicking on the "png" bar (on the Size by File Type) visual filters the line chart below it. Next, I right click on the "2000 and up" category and choose "Drill through".

This takes me to the details page where I can see all png assets that are above 2000 kb in size. Using this list, I can check each asset (back in the Unity editor) to see if

  1. It can be removed from the project (unused asset) or...

  2. It can be compressed any further.

After repeating this process for all png assets, I moved onto audio files, which are the second largest group of assets.

Assets in the resources folder

Now, this is when i realized that anything stored in the "Resources" folder is not removed from the build - even if it's not being used in the project. So, I essentially did a mass delete of all audio files I was sure weren't being used in the project.

Doing those steps I was able to reduce my build size to just over 110 MB in size! The third tab in the dashboard simply shows the reduction in file size over time (well, not "time" per se, but rather each log file - which is essentially time).


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